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The Official Animal Crossing Stalk Market [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Animal Crossing's Stalk Market NASDAQ

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[Sep. 22nd, 2006|07:18 am]
Animal Crossing's Stalk Market NASDAQ


my nook is buying turnips for 620 bells!
(this is crazy since the last few weeks it's been hovering around 50-70. it just spiked all of a sudden)

i unfortunately have to go to work, but i'll try to be on later after i get off of work, which will be sometime around 6ish. i won't be able to have my gates open for a very long time, but you can at least stop by and get rid of some of those turnips.
i'm keeping my gates open until 8 pm central. please come on by!
comment to be added.

name: k_bot
town: qwert
friend code: 1418-0892-7854
usual rules apply:
-no running
-no chopping trees/digging
-please don't harass my animals
-please don't steal stitches, bones or friga away (i'm working on getting their pics)
-no picking fruit-EXCEPT for peaches, you can have those.
x-posted to _animalcrossing

EDIT: gates are closed